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Are You a New Student?

Welcome H(om)e.
The following guidelines are meant to enhance your experience at
Simon Says Yoga. Take a moment to review before your next class.

1.   Visit to access our most up to date schedule of classes, workshops, and events. Read class descriptions, purchases class passes, and register for classes and workshops that are appropriate for your level of experience.

2.   Please arrive 10 to 15 minutes in advance of your desired class. Always check in with the peaceful sitter staff at the front desk even if you’ve registered online. Sign your name to our sign in sheet under your desired class.

3.   Come to practice on an empty stomach. Eating 2 hours in advanced is preferred. A light snack before class is okay. Drink water before/after practice.

4.   Dress appropriately. Wear comfortable clothing you can move in. Form fitting workout clothes or loose clothing is preferred. Layers are also a great option to adjust for temperature changes during/after class.

5.   Bring a yoga mat. You can purchase one at our Boutique or bring your own. Having your own mat supports your dedication to yoga and ensures its cleanliness. You may also borrow one of our mats in studio.

6.   Be considerate of others by not wearing strong scents.  A yoga class is a pretty close knit experience.  Some people are very sensitive to scents and it is very helpful if you refrain from wearing perfumes to class.

7.   Turn your cell phone to silent or completely off. This is your practice, give it your full attention, and allow others to have an uninterrupted practice as well.

8.   Notify your teacher of injuries or medical condition. This helps our instructors to offer modifications and adjustments suitable to your condition.

9.   Practice often.  2 to 3 days a week of yoga help you to increase flexibility, strength, and promote mental ease.

10.   Take a Restorative/Gentle Class. Balancing an active lifestyle with some deep relaxation. Our Restorative and Gentle classes offer an opportunity for both physical and emotional release.

11.   Enjoy. Setting an intention of enjoyment allows your practice to flow more freely.

We wish you deep contentment and tranquil peace. Namaste~