Back to the Breath~

My love affair with Yoga continues:
I’m so happy to have come to that place where I don’t have to be knocked around by every mishap, every plan gone awry.  Not to say I never get frazzled, annoyed, thrown off guard.  Probably many times a week, maybe even every day, but the way my body, mind and heart respond to the experience has dramatically changed over the years since yoga is an integral part of my everyday life.  The breath!  It is the key, bringing me back to center, an anchor, bringing a pillar of strength to my being.
Taking one long deep breath can bring me back to center, quiet the mind and bring me to a place of focus.  Sometimes when my mind is full of information, worry, planning, I can’t remember things, I can only access the first letter of a word or name I am trying to think of.  I begin to feel tense and blocked.  If I come back to my breath and simply notice it, lengthen it, notice the temperature, where it is in my body, my body and mind settle and things start to flow.  So simple, but yet, I often forget.  But I am fortunate to have the resource to remind myself, I call it remindfulness~
“Emotions come and go like clouds in a windy sky.  Conscious Breathing is my anchor.” ~Thich Nhat Hanh

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