Bringing Balance To Your Life


In thinking about the New Year, I wanted to move beyond making a list of what I

would do or not do. While I think having goals is helpful, I feel concerned that I

sometimes create too many expectations, creating tension in my life.

Moving towards creating balance is my focus, being mindful of my habits and

shortcomings, while maintaining a sense of balance in my outlook towards myself

and others. Looking towards balance brings comfort and clarity, without a lot of

pressure. Returning to my breath, my center~

We spend a lot of time clinging to what we love and pushing away what makes us

uncomfortable. If we can find a balance between the two and soften our

expectations, we create less suffering in our lives.

I have begun to notice the ups and downs of my days and weeks as beautiful clouds

in the sky, passing by, without attachment, and it brings more balance to my days.

Tree Pose is a beautiful expression of balance; the sense of hovering in the center

and bringing our body and mind back to focus. It takes our full concentration and

sincerity to find balance in Tree Pose; or even to try to steady ourselves.

Try Tree Pose with your branches facing down in an upside down ‘V’ bringing more

of a broad foundation to your tree. Then slowly begin to raise your arms to a ‘T’,

palms facing up and perhaps eventually lifting them to the sky. Feel your center,

your strength, a sense of grounding yet reaching towards your hopes and dreams.

May all beings experience balance in life and feel a sense of stability, strength and


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