Coming Back to Center ~


We often live in the cycle of ‘doing’ and spend less time ‘being’.

If we simply take a moment to notice the breath, truly noticing, the coolness as it comes in our nose, the warmth as it comes out the nose or the mouth, the heart lifting as we inhale, and the release on exhaling, we can truly experience a mindful moment and bring calm and awareness to our day and our life~

Paying attention to our life experience without judgment or expectation is a challenge, but so important to cultivate in order to live authentically.  When we push away discomfort, we can create more suffering, rather than noticing with an open heart. Like yoga, mindfulness is a practice we need to nurture, coming back to the present moment, the present experience, settling the wandering mind, quieting for even a moment~Mindfulness~


  1. Words to live by. It’s as if I were sitting in class meditating and hearing the step by step guidance.

    thank you,


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