Application Criteria and Process


The application for the YTT is due by December 1, 2016

To apply for this training you must have at least one year of consistent yoga practice. If you are not currently a student at SSY, we also ask that you take a class with any of the YTTP staff to assess whether this program is for you.

Access the application Here

Completion Requirements:

(all must be completed to receive certificate.)

  • Attendance of all 180 in-person contact/classroom hours**
  • Completion of all homework assignments
  • Completion of feedback surveys
  • Complete ten observations/evaluations with one or more of the YTTP Trainers Shauna, Sarah, or Jen
  • Final Teaching practicum: a 30 minute practice for trainers, fellow trainees and others
  • Submit a written sequence for a 75 minute class
  • Completion of a final examination, with both an in-class and an open-book take-home component
  • Seva – 3 Options:
    -Assist one of the YTTP Trainers at a class 2x
    -Teach friends & family outside of studio 1x
    -Teaching SSY community class 1x

**In the event that missing classroom time is unavoidable due to illness or some unforeseen circumstance, trainees may arrange with trainers to make up both the time and content missed during their absence, at the expense of the trainee, with approval by teacher trainers.

Possibilities include:

  • Makeup with a teacher trainer: $150 for 2 hours
  • Missed days/weekends can also be made up in the next training the following year, provided that is an option.
  • If a workshop is being offered at SSY on a similar topic that was missed, you may take the workshop instead at ½ price, by approval.

While not everyone who completes our program may ultimately want to teach yoga, this training is intended to equip participants with the skills and tools needed to safely and competently share yoga with others in a professional setting. Successful completion of the program will require outside practice and study time, and practice teaching in class along the way.

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