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a tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or feeling.
Someone or something that is a perfect representative or example of a quality, idea, etc.

Why Embodiment? Embodiment speaks to a fullness of life and expression, a state of being, an openness that can accommodate steadiness and change, which acts as an invitation to greater presence.

Why should I take Embodiment YTTP?

This YTTP has been uniquely crafted to offer a full spectrum education and experience of yoga. We will spend time looking at and practicing many poses and postures, discussing not only the important anatomical knowledge needed to do and teach the pose safely, but also looking at the energetics of the postures and discussing when or why you might teach it. We have layered in invaluable information that can bolster both your practice and your ability to teach. As we progress through the program, we will build on previous weeks to enrich our knowledge and skills.

What makes your YTTP unique?

SSY is a unique studio in the DMV area, a studio for everyone including young ones and older, which is reflected in our program. Time will be spent focusing on teaching different populations, as well as looking at the needs of different populations.
This program is also unique because of the teachers. We offer a combined 50+ years of yoga teaching, in addition to experience offering teacher training in the past.

Are there any prerequisites to taking the program?

Yes. All applicants must have a minimum of 1 year consistent yoga practice. If you are not currently a student at SSY, we also ask that you take a class with any of the YTTP staff to assess whether the program will work for you.

I have a full time job and other commitments. Will this work for me?

Truthfully, only you can answer that. At the same time, our goal is that the format will allow for those with full-time work and other commitments to be able to participate comfortably. The program will certainly ask a lot of those enrolled, a commitment to practice first and foremost. You will benefit the most if you have time to devote to it.

What if I have to miss a weekend, what will I do then?

Whether due to illness, family obligations or work, there may be a weekend missed. We will do all that we can to help you make up the missed weekend. Depending on what is missed, you may need to pay additional fees to cover the missed material with one of the teaching staff. You will also need to make up the time missed in order to complete the program.

Can I register with Yoga Alliance at the end of this training?

This training has been designed to meet or exceed Yoga Alliance (YA) standards for the RYS 200 hour training.  Students who fulfill all of the Completion Requirements will be eligible to register as a RYT 200 with Yoga Alliance. We are a Yoga Alliance Registered School.


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